The aim of ALISI was to establish and run well equipped regional R&D center developing diagnostic methods and technologies focused on microworld and nanoworld. Project preparation and implementation is administered by the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the ASCR, v.v.i.

The professional orientation of ALISI is based on more than fifty years long tradition of the Institute of scientific instruments of ASCR, v.v.i. in Brno (ISI). The institute successfully develops the fields of diagnostics and technologies using the methods of electron microscopy and lithography, magnetic resonance, laser interferometry, electron and laser beam welding, thin film deposition by magnetron sputtering, cryogenics, and construction of new scientific instruments. Results of its scientific work are used by partners active not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

Due to its focus on applications the existence of the center will be a new impulse towards broadening cooperation with Czech as well as abroad industrial partners, universities, medical facilities and R&D institutes.

The ALISI realization stage was co-financed by the budget 432 941 962 CZK from Research and Development for Innovations Operational Program, area of intervention 2.1 Regional R&D centers.

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