Project funding

The achievement of the goals requires large capital investments. The budget covering the infrastructure and ALISI implementation period up to 2014 is expected to be 512,7 mil. CZK.

The main contribution to the overall cost of the project is represented by building construction costs (expected 109 mil. CZK) and instrumentation investments (expected 250 mil. CZK). Remainder will be used for activities related to the implementation of the project and start-up of research activities.

The implementation period of the project is mainly cofinanced by the grant 432,9 mil. CZK from Research and Development for Innovations Operational Program (RDIOP), area of intervention 2.1 Regional R&D centers. The decision to finance ALISI was taken on 24th October 2009 after tough competition with other projects.

Project funding review:
Total cost: 512 695 128 CZK
Total eligible cost: 432 941 962 CZK
Total eligible cost – investments: 364 624 705 CZK
Total eligible cost – non-investments: 68 317 257 CZK

RDIOP grant:
Total: 432 941 962 CZK
part provided by the European union: 368 000 667,70 CZK (85 %)
part provided by the national budget of the Czech Republic: 64 941 294,30 CZK (15 %)

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