The aim of ALISI is to build a new research center with modern equipment achieving applicable R&D results and approaching the top world institutions.

The research activities are related to diagnostics and technologies using the methods of magnetic resonance,laser microtechnologies and nanotechnologies – especially interferometry and spectroscopy, measurement and processing of signals in medicine, electron microscopy and lithography, electron and laser beam welding, thin film deposition by magnetron sputtering, cryogenics, and construction of unique scientific instruments and systems.

The existence of the ALISI center will be a new impulse towards broadening cooperation with Czech as well as abroad industrial partners, universities, medical facilities and R&D institutes.

Outputs of the project aim at these target groups:

  • users of the results of scientific and research activities (application partners). The project implementation will strengthen the contract and collaborative research and accelerate the transfer of know-how to the existing as well as new partners. This will be reflected in higher innovation of their products and it will strengthen their competitiveness,
  • students and young research workers. The project will significantly contribute to the education of specialists in the fields developed at ISI, and help enhance their ability to apply the knowledge gained in the educational process to the practical research work.

Important is even impact on innovation and research potential and economic importance of the region.

The implementation phase includes:

  • establishment of new insfrastructure in area of the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the ASCR, v.v.i. (reconstruction of 213 m2 recent laboratories, building of a new bloc and enlargement of recent laboratories within ISI covering 1 583 m2 floor space, installation of modern equipment, e.g. NMR spectrotomograf 9.4 T, electron litography, apparatus for the magnetron sputtering, helium liquefier, fs laser system et al.)
  • research activities concentrated in two research programs (Diagnostic methods, Advanced technologies).

The operational phase aims to:

  • production of applicable results of R&D
  • cooperation with industrial partners, universities, medical facilities and R&D institutes
  • making use of the infrastructure by students
  • creating opportunities for young researchers

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