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New builded Application laboratories of microtechnologies and nanotechnologies are part of the Institute of scientific instruments of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (ISI). 

For more than 50 years research activities of the ISI have focused on searching for new physical methods and development of novel instrumental components and technologies for acquisition, imaging, and diagnostics applicable on various scales ranging from macro-world down to the nano-world. ISI has also successfully co-operated with industrial partners, resulting in a number of unique devices that were the first prototypes of their kind in the Czech Republic or even the world. Examples of these include electron microscopes and, later, an electron beam writer, lasers and interferometric systems for precise measurements, NMR spectrometers, and cryogenic systems. 

Over the past 20 years ISI has focused primarily on further exploration and improvement of physical methods in the established areas of ISI's interests. Our approach typically covers all the aspects of the problem, starting from the theoretical description to the implementation of unique instrumental elements or even complex devices. Our R&D activities cover:

  • the employment of electron beams for imaging, diagnostics, lithography, and welding;
  • the design of new pulse sequences for magnetic resonance tomography and their utilization in the detection of chemical changes in living organisms, including humans;
  • the measurement of thermal radiative properties of materials at low temperatures; designs of cryogenic systems;
  • technologies of thin films deposition;
  • acquisition and processing of biosignals in medicine;
  • the utilization of laser beams for welding, spectroscopy, precise measurement of lengths and gas refractive index, manipulation with microobjects and nanoobjects.

More infromation on our research activities can be found in the following websites or in Handbook of application capacities of the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the ASCR, v.v.i. which is available to download.

Handbook of application capacities of the ISI of the ASCR, v.v.i.

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