Optical traps in the style of "Ghost Busters" will allow the study of living cells

2.12. 2018 11:29 What is going on

The international team of scientists has managed to create optical traps similar to miniaturized proton clusters from „Spirits of the Ghosts“ that allow the manipulation of microscopic objects as well as the study of cell mechanics and bio-molecules deep within living tissues.


Brno scientists introduced a new type of image-transferring fiber

2.12. 2018 11:23 What is going on

The international team of scientists led by Professor Tomáš Čižmár has published a new discovery in the field of holographic endoscopy in the world-renowned physical journal Physical Review Letters. The findings are particularly useful in medicine, for example biopsy.


Researchers from Brno are new lifesaving medical technology

2.12. 2018 11:20 What is going on

The American Patent of Original Technology for Physicians was acquired by scientists from the Institute of Instrumentation of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the International Center for Clinical Research at the University Hospital at St. Anny in Brno (FNUSA-ICRC) and M & I Praha. The new technology is able to determine the electrical activation of the heart chambers and measures milliseconds to measure their mutual delays.


Conference LASER 58

9.7. 2018 13:35 What is going on

October 17 – 19, 2018, Castle Hotel Třešť

„From the fine work of the low-power lasers to the elephants, the power of those high-powered, all at one conference, this year celebrates the world's invention of the laser for 58 years …“

We invite you to take part in the eighth edition of the LASER conference. This is an event where experts meet from the public and private spheres, who are professionally engaged in lasers and are interested in gaining contacts and information across different disciplines and approaches.

The conference pages are http://alisi.isibrno.cz/…laser-58http

Conference LASER 56

6.5. 2016 13:46 What is going on

Conference LASER 55

29.9. 2015 19:00 What is going on

LASER 55 Image logo-laser55m.jpg

Laser 1963

2.10. 2014 15:17 What is going on

We are sorry. There is no english

Conference LASER 54

10.6. 2014 09:22 What is going on

The most important outcome of basic research comes from Brno

28.5. 2014 10:40 What is going on

The work of scientists from the ALISI Brno Institute of Scientific Instruments ASCR was awarded as most important outcome of basic research.

The exhibition center in Brno Urban tells where and how science is done

6.3. 2014 10:21 What is going on

What scientific research institutions in the capital of Moravia and what projects are in them arise, inform the new exhibition Research for Innovation in Urban center of the Old Town Hall in Brno. There will be from 18 February to mid-April.


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