Conference LASER 58

9.7. 2018 13:35 What is going on


Conference LASER 56

6.5. 2016 13:46 What is going on

Conference LASER 55

29.9. 2015 19:00 What is going on

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Laser 1963

2.10. 2014 15:17 What is going on

We are sorry. There is no english

Conference LASER 54

10.6. 2014 09:22 What is going on

The most important outcome of basic research comes from Brno

28.5. 2014 10:40 What is going on

The work of scientists from the ALISI Brno Institute of Scientific Instruments ASCR was awarded as most important outcome of basic research.

The exhibition center in Brno Urban tells where and how science is done

6.3. 2014 10:21 What is going on

What scientific research institutions in the capital of Moravia and what projects are in them arise, inform the new exhibition Research for Innovation in Urban center of the Old Town Hall in Brno. There will be from 18 February to mid-April.


Werner von Siemens awards

6.3. 2014 09:19 Wrote about us

Czech Siemens awarded the best students, young scientists and university teachers.

Hunters mysteries - strange rock from space

4.3. 2014 15:51 Wrote about us

Pro-fiction series „Hunters Mysteries“ was filmed another episode of „strange stone from outer space.“

Czech head in 2013 awarded this year to the best

21.2. 2014 12:49 What is going on

Price Kapsch (Invention) Ing. Ilona Müller, Dr. Sc. from the Institute of Scientific Instruments AS CR, Brno award was given for long-term and systematic research on electron microscopes.

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